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Each project, no matter the size, comes with its own unique challenges. RST and Associated approaches each project in the same way by identifying needs and solving possible problems ahead of time. In order to meet the client's goals, we continually clarify and amend the plans as needed. This particular project involved updating an antiquated laboratory space which included bringing in new equipment and fixtures. Keeping in mind the laboratory technicians needs, we were able to create an ergonomic, functional and pleasant space in which to work.
In this Fremont project, we converted a bank space into a reality office. The many challenges on this project included converting a large bank vault into a usable space, creating more natural light and bringing disabled accessibility to restrooms and parking up to current codes, all while staying within budget. We were able to overcome all those obstacles and create a welcoming and warm workspace to the satisfaction of a very grateful client.
In any project such as commercial, retail, etc., RST and Associates finds pre-design meetings essential. We meet with the client as well as with all entities involved in the design process. That might include the design review agency and the city planning department. We do this because we want the certainty that not only the design, but the entire project runs smoothly.